new friends i met over the weekend include bill and john from the olivia tremor control and robert schneider, who is the single nicest man in all of music. amris and sten also befriended the drummer from apples in stereo. atp blew my mind to bits. work reassembled the pieces into a sad, craggy jumble.

my only three regrets were that we missed most of low, that i slept through sebadoh, and that i didn’t have any weed or hash to share with john fernandes.

reality pales in comparison to the arcade games, tenpin bowling, splash waterworld, nitrous oxide, perfect music, great artists mingling with normal humans, friendly people everywhere, endless booze and (finite) powder, eighth consecutive reading win, england squeezing past france, and the guy who looked like a swastika.

i will definitely go again.

here is a very clever and funny comment about radiohead tickets: i notice that no logo is now a premium brand.

raise eyebrow, smile knowingly, drop casually into next relevant conversation.

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