Dinosaur Jr

This is the name of our new kitten. His mother has no name yet. I suggested Jugs but Simon was opposed and on reflection I agree with him.

Kitten ownership is one of those things that other people just do and get on with, but that I take to be some kind of significant life event. I regard waking up in the morning to go to work as a significant life event. A definite choice to carry on leading the same life as yesterday, in the same job, with the same things.

I don’t think I would sacrifice any of my things, actually, in that circumstance. Just my job and general level of financial comfort. Things are all there is, really. Things and feelings. But my waking feelings all come from things. At the moment the things that give me the most feelings are humans and my xbox, but mostly other humans playing their xbox against mine in the form of FIFA 12.

Last night I dreamed about having to go to work today. I felt relieved when I awoke and realised I did not have to go to work today.

I also rewatched eXistenZ yesterday. I still love it. Jennifer Jason Leigh was sexier this time than all the other times put together.

In one month’s time I will never have to work in recruitment ever again unless my life goes HORRIBLY WRONG.

Amris is baking cupcakes. They smell delicious. I have a mild cold and it is quite likely that I smell of clogged sinuses and bacteria breath.

Reading’s barnstorming run finally culminated in promotion and the league championship. It is a little trite to reflect on the strangeness of sports fandom, but I’m going to sort of do it anyway. I feel a sense of tribal unity with those players and that manager and even the others behind the scenes, all of whom have no idea who I am and have no real connection to me at all. Their victories make my life feel better. I view everything more positively. The anxiety I felt a few weeks ago, heading into our tough run-in, made it difficult for me to concentrate at work. That last bit was a lie. Work made it difficult for me to concentrate at work. Football made time pass quicker.

On Wednesday I am going to the Magnetic Fields with Amris. Then Amsterdam for my birthday. Then Primavera Sound at the end of May. I hope I don’t die any time soon.

— 2 years ago